Department is equipped with state of the art equipments both in clinics and laboratory with individual clinical and lab work stations for each PG. Fully equipped PG lab with latest equipments like –

  • Two new burn out furnaces (Renfert Germany)
  • BPS – Biofunctional Prosthetic system – clinical and Laboratory Equipments are latest addition to our department – they facilitate latest and most advanced complete denture processing
  • Flexible denture processing equipments – an alternate to conventional cast partial dentures – increase comfort for patient
  • All ceramic lab equipped with all ceramic furnace (Ivoclar) IPS Empress, metal ceramic furnaces, centrifugal casting machines, pindex, hydrowelder, etc.
  • Latest articulators and facebows – Hanau Wide vue, Hanau H2, Whipmix, Dentatus and Amman Girback articulators.
  • Implant surgical kits – Life care, Zimmer, Adin and implant micro-surveyor.
    Fully equipped and well spacious undergraduate clinics and labs for preclinical Prosthodontics and dental materials.

a.Infrastructure – special highlights

  • Sirona Densply  CAD-CAM
  • Extraoral Scanner Sirona Densply X5
  • Sintering unit Sirona Infire
  • Intraoral Camera Waldent
  • Area : 3rd and 4th floor – 21759 Sq feet
  • Fully equipped Dental Lab
  • All Ceramic Dental Furnaces
  • IV th floor: Dental Materials lab , Pre clinical labs , UG Dry and Wet Labs
  • Separate Phantom head lab for UG’s

Department museum in 3rd floor for patient education